Event Planning

We have developed an Event Success Profile that helps the Agency outline their event goals and requirements. It also prompts larger questions of organizational goals and the attendee experience. Areas that cannot be filled out point to areas for which the Agency may need further assistance from us. At our first meeting with you, Bespoke Business Solutions “Bespoke” can help you complete this profile.

Our Event Management Team

  • The General Manager offers the guidance and quality control to guarantee a successful outcome. In the beginning stages of the project, the General Manager and Project Manager will both interact with the Agency.
  • The Project Manager acts as liaison and the primary point of contact for the Agency. They drive the project and work to ensure every detail is completed in the event plan.
  • The Project Assistant supports the Project Manager to achieve tasks on time and cost-effectively.

Our approach follows continuous improvement principles and includes opportunities to build a better internal system for an Agency as we plan the event. Streamlining processes, utilizing cost-effective project management and marketing tools, and mapping out event responsibilities make perennial events easier each year.

The process begins by providing the State of Alaska Event Request Form for an Agency to request services. Once received, Bespoke Business Solutions will upload the data to the Event Success Profile, which we will review with you during our initial meeting.

Standard Workflow

  • Agency places a Request for Event Services via online form
  • Bespoke verifies date availability and review basic scope of work
  • Bespoke sources potential venues based on criteria, leveraging our knowledge of each site
  • We meet via phone or in person with Agency to discuss the Event Scope in detail. This initial discussion includes creative discussions and vision confirmation. Together we prioritize needs, wants and additional value-added opportunities to serve the Agency within your budget. We review timelines, deadlines and determine preferred methods of communication for task completion and any planning meetings or updates.
  • Agency reviews budget quote that may include value-added services
  • Bespoke prepares scope of work and proposed budget with negotiated contract rates for approval by Agency
  • Bespoke sources quotes for Value-added services and presents to Agency for approval
  • Bespoke and Agency sign review budget. Once Agency approves, Agency requests P.O. and arranges for deposit to begin work
  • Bespoke reserves venue for desired dates
  • Bespoke establishes the Project Management task tracking for the event
  • Bespoke begins work on event plan
  • Bespoke drafts both Communications and Logistics plans, including the Agency’s registration or ticket sales plan
  • Bespoke creates vision boards for any event experience design and Agency reviews
  • Bespoke provides timely updates on event planning progress
  • Bespoke executes event plan
  • Bespoke completes event financial reconciliation, including transfer of any income to Agency

Value Added Services*

  • Stand-alone Event Web Site
  • Event Branding/Logo/Graphic Design
  • Marketing campaign to reach the target audience
  • Press Release Writing
  • Attendee Surveys and Post-event Reporting
  • Event Sponsorship Development Consulting
  • Sound Design
  • Sustainable Conference Services including recycling
  • Greenstar Event Certification
  • Charitable Partnerships
  • Strategic Design Consultation(see below)
  • Attently Presentation Analytics

*Additional fees apply on value added services

Strategic Design Consultation

We have a created a special consultation package that includes two hours to develop your event approach, timing, and design concepts for a flat rate of $250.

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Budget Estimator

This budget tool offers a quick and easy way to estimate the cost of your event. Estimates are based on the average event costs in Anchorage and includes contractor and venue service fees. Prices may vary based on time of year and location.